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STEAM, 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant on the contrary, offers everything that pleases all of you, its serene ambience that soothes the mind and delights the heart.

It is no wonder guest keen to enter the hallway of STEAM and return completely satiated with the top class experience. Guest love the sumptuous menu and an atmosphere that is not razzmatazz but peaceful, exactly what is needed for dining with gusto.

Eating a plateful of good old comfort food that is served at home floods the mind with memories. A ‘home away from home’ that serves simple Indian food in an extraordinarily enticing way is what fine dining is all about. STEAM fulfils every criterion and more making the guest come back again and again to this wonderful eatery, renowned for its vegetarian fare.

A platter full of Tandori delights, sizzlers, and poppadoms alongside makes it a heavenly experience with the 100% vegetarian cuisine being an added bonus to the Indian crowd hoping for some traditional snacks.

There is absolutely no place for a second opinion of heading out for another eatery once you enter the gateway of STEAM. The sumptuous menu will tell you all! Feel free to order from a host of breakfast dishes and main meals along with the unique coolers and sweets that make the meal a veritable treat.

The Bar Menu of STEAM is undoubtedly one of the best in town say the patrons and the tourists agree wholeheartedly.

The STEAM indian restaurant happens to be amongst the top picks of pure vegetarian Indian restaurants in Rotorua with its sumptuous mouthwatering fare that stand out in an exemplary manner. While one could go on and on lavishing high praises on the quality of the dishes prepared most hygienically and in the traditional way that everyone loves