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2019 Year End Party Package for Group Event at Steam

Indian meal on new year eve in rotorua

What is a New Year’s Eve party without a good spread of ethnic cuisine? Thankfully, Indian cuisine is as big outside, as it is inside the country. If you are an Indian living in New Zealand, your choices in Indian cuisine are plentiful. So organizing a New Year’s party for a big group that involves a big Indian feast is easy as a pie.

While you are free to put together a menu of your own for the evening, here are some choices that you might want to save some space for.

Gol Gappa: Crispy fried doughs served with a filling of spicy mashed potato topped with coriander and dunked in tamarind and mint chutney, the Gol Gappa is a delicacy that is rarely not a part of an Indian celebration. Despite being diverse in their food habits, the great nation of India unites over their love for this one street dish.  

Hot and Sour Soup: A big part of Indian cuisine is Chinese food. Though not in the authentic version, a variety of Chinese dishes have made their way into Indian cuisine which the ethnic chefs have adjusted over years to suit the Indian palate. One of those Indo-Chinese products is the hot and sour soup. Prepared differently in different parts of the country, this soup, no matter the recipe, lives up to its reputation. It is hot and spicy, tangy and hearty, just the kind of appetizer a guest would like a bowlful of.

Pakodas: Indian parties are incomplete without this scrumptious appetizer. A kind of fritter made with minced vegetables coated in a thick batter of gram flour, the pakodas are the heart and soul of any Indian party.

Malai Paneer Tikka: The malai paneer tikka is a kind of kebab that is popular worldwide for its taste that is smoky, aromatic and palatable. Supple chunks of fresh cheese marinated with a paste of yoghurt and spice blends and grilled in the clay oven until brown, the malai paneer tikka is a delicacy that makes Indians proud.

Dal Fry: A side of protein elevated to the point of gourmet, dal fry is a rich, creamy and divine dish made from creamed lentil. Its best companion is nun bread.

Veg Kolhapuri: A mix of seasonal vegetables stewed in a thick milky gravy, the veg kolhapuri is an absolute favorite of vegetarians anywhere in India and outside. To dial up the taste, hunks of paneer are added to the gravy for extra taste.

Biriyani: Who says vegetarians can’t enjoy biriyani? Today, veg biriyani is one of the most ordered dishes at Indian restaurants. Aromatic rice steamed with a spicy vegetable curry in layers, an Indian feast is incomplete without biriyani.

Masala Dosa: From south of India, the dosa is a delectable dish enjoyed worldwide. Crispy crepe rolled with a light, mellow potato stuffing inside, a dosa’s best companion is sambar and coconut chutney.

With some of these items on the menu, your New Year’s party is sure to be a blast.

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