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5 Health Benefits Of Indian Veg Food

5 Health Benefits of Indian Vegetarian Food

Well, you may be a proud New Zealander focused on your career and believe in the power of your country. Good for you! It is truly fitting to love your own country. Yet you might be tempted to try other cuisines once in a while. So, what do you think of Indian cuisine in particular specifically its vegetarian dishes? Do not be swayed into thinking of fattening and overtly spicy fare though. Yes! You would be right in finding the food to be intensely flavorful and delectable at the same time.

Remember that the health benefits of eating Indian vegetarian food are numerous too. Well, this not what the Indians believe but it has been proved to be a reality by the experts today. You would do well to try a variety of mouth watering dishes at the Steam, the Indian restaurant that focuses on vegetarian food only. You might be surprised to find the 180+ seats filled at lunch hour every day. Order the dishes you fancy and tuck in ASAP. Feel free to check out the facts below to discover how Indian food and health benefits go hand in hand. Bon Appétit & Good Health.

1.       You will be amazed to find multiple dishes that include an astounding array of fresh fruits and awesome veggies fresh from the garden. True, some of the ingredients lose their nutrients when roasted and grilled but not when it is cooked in the Indian style. Feel free to taste the sumptuous salads and raita along with lightly cooked dishes at Steam and revel in the feeling of wellbeing.

2.       Remember that Indians have made the nutritious vegetable work for them for ages. So it is at the Steam. You will find the humble potato along with tomatoes, ginger, beans, pepper chillies and mushrooms presented to you in a mouthwatering manner that will make you appreciate the nutrients totally.

3.       Do not forget the taste of spices that makes Indian cooking divine. The turmeric, coriander, cumin seeds and mustard pastes alone add their share of vitamins and anti oxidants to the dishes thus creating magic with every mouthful. Taste Gujarati, Punjabi and dishes from down South. You will find the same allure of spices beckon you.

4.       Have a plate of delicious rice along with the choicest breads from the basket of India while sat Steam. No! The eatery will not stuff you up with carbs though. You will get the best proteins from the supercilious dals cooked in exemplary ways as well as cottage cheese known as paneer. Try the ghee or clarified butter for the essential fat and go skipping home filled with wonder. It is indeed possible to stick to a balanced diet while partaking Indian food

5.       Try the Indian yogurt of dahi at the Steam too. The calcium rich product happens to be a probiotic as well. It will give your bones the added strength needed while retaining the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Be sure to try the low fat Indian sweets to sum up your meal. You will not feel heavy or experience any weight gain eventually thereby keeping deadly diabetes and coronary problems away.