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5 Top Indian Street Food on Steam’s Menu

best indian street food in the steam restaurant rotorua

Sure, you look forward to the meal time and gulp down the delicacies without much ado. However, the main courses are meant to satiate your hunger not your mind. Street food, on the contrary, can help your mind to rejoice as much as your stomach. It certainly will not be wise to omit looking at the platter full of best Indian street food at Steam restaurant therefore.

No worries! The array of sumptuous food will certainly make the well known proverb of ‘variety is the spice of life’ completely true. Do not fail to taste each one of them at your convenience to know how alluring the pull of Indian delicacies abounding on the streets can be! Wait! Are you concerned about Northern Indian food or the Southern Indian fare? Why worry, the taste is irresistible when you choose to get it at Rotorua courtesy Steam. Here are a few must haves that are certain to make it to the list of top Indian street foods. Do read and run to taste the best at Steam. Bon Appetite!

1.       Chole Bhature – This is a quintessential dish that can be found at every stall at street corners across Northern India. The puffy breads delight the eye while the thick tomato based gravy of chick peas can fill you up totally. Have it for breakfast or as a snack at odd times, you just cannot refuse it.

2.       Aloo Tikki / Chaat – No one denies the power of potato a.k.a as Aloo in India. Have the diced tuber topped with a mint based chutney and yogurt that has been liberally garnished with coriander leaves and green chilies. The combo of sweet & spicy is indeed heaven. Go for it!

3.       Gol Gappa- A rose by any other name smells as sweet. The words of the Bard have traversed centuries coming to be bestowed on the roundels that make you smack your lips big time. It is gol gappa in Delhi and Pani Puri in Mumbai. Kolkata believes in calling it by the name of Puchka. The taste remains unparalleled though whether you go East, West or North in India. You are certain to find it in Rotorua, NZ though. Thank Steam for this thought!

4.       Pav Bhaji – Break bread with your friends, the Indian way! Yes! You are definitely in for a treat when you order the mouth watering Pav Bhaji that has regaled India for over a century. A staple of the working men in Mumbai, this dish has ascended the ladder to arrive in high end eateries today. Steam will help you to fill your heart with the spicy bhaji that comes accompanied with the buttered bun. 

5.       Samosa- The spicy triangle that makes hearts go aflutter today has been meted out by the great street cooks for decades in India. The renown of this fast food has reached every corner of the world thanks to the Indians who just cannot have enough of it. No! You do not have to go without your favorite Snack, the samosa chaat while in Rotorua. The Steam promises to serve the authentic dish to you in style.