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7 Vegan Items to Satisfy the Vegan Palate at Rotorua, New Zealand

Indian Cuisine Can Serve Up Perfect Vegan Meals

Indian food is known for its enormous variety. Sadly, there are many who do not think beyond curry and rice when they hear the term Indian cuisine. They are going to be in for a pleasant surprise once they step into STEAM, the restaurant in Rotorua that has received kudos for offering great vegetarian fare from the great land of India. Well, Indian food especially the vegetarian items cannot do without milk based products, this happens to be the common conception today. This cannot be further from the truth, however.

You are sure to be amazed on being guided to the best vegan friendly restaurant in Rotorua. Yes! That is STEAM again! You do not have to take any one’s word for it. Just step inside and find an astounding array of delicious dishes that are cooked without a touch of animal products. Now, that is truly vegan! Here are a few choicest items that you can hope to order safely at the STEAM if you happen to be a die hard vegan.

  1. Lemon Coriander Soup- This is a refreshing soup that is chock-a-block with vitamins without the calories. Savor it to cleanse your palate and be ready for the delicacies ahead.
  2. Kachumbar Salad- You just cannot go wrong by choosing this fresh salad that delivers all the veggies into your body at one go. The artfully chopped vegetables are as colorfull pleasing the eye while satisfying the taste buds.
  3. Baby Mushroom Salt & Pepper- Be sure to try this simple yet enlivening dish as an appetizer! It will give you a taste for the delights that are yet to come. 
  4. Veg. Kurmura Seekh Kebab- You cannot but order a tandoori dish while you are at an Indian eatery. Safely eat this one as it gives you a satisfying crunch accompanying the wonderful veggies served on a stick. A great finger food indeed!
  5. Kaju Curry- You do not even have to look at the popular Paneer dishes at STEAM. Go with this sumptuous cashew nut curry instead and take delight in the spicy dish packed with the goodness of nuts.
  6. Veg. Kolhapuri- Do not forget to try this item if you want to taste the fiery authentic Indian curry that causes your taste buds to dance with joy.
  7. Dal- You cannot go the Indian way without trying the humble dal (lentils). Feel free to pick any item from the menu and boost your protein intake for the day. While the dry dal fry and the thick dal palak will have you eating your fill, do keep away from the dal makhani that is cooked with fresh cream.

Try the amazing rice bowl at STEAM indian restaurant at rotorua with classic Indian flat bread of roti or stuffed paratha when you are determined to stay away from all kinds of animal products. That does not mean that you should do without any Indian Mithai (sweet) though. End your meal with a dessert that brings a vegan meal to a fitting conclusion by selecting moong dal halva made without a trace of milk. Bon Appétit!