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7 Wonderful Indian Appetizers to Try

Steam Indian restaurant sort out 7 wonderful indian appetizers to try

Driving home from work in Rotorua is sure to work up your appetite. However, you may not be inclined to order the main meal at 7 in the evening. You do not have to worry in the least when you find the STEAM looming large in front of you. Step into the 100% vegetarian eatery and take a look at the expansive menu. You will simply not be able to pick a lone dish when there are Indian appetizers galore.

Whether you want to feast on Mughlai food or simply want to have a bite of something light, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. Be sure to ask the friendly chef for tips and you will find yourself being directed to the best appetizers on the menu. Do not hesitate to order the food that had been missing from your plate all these years. You will find the taste of home unchanged even when you have braved thousands of miles to land in Rotorua, a part of NZ.

Best Indian Appetizers To Try At STEAM

1.       Gol Gappa – The light, spicy roundels served with sweet and savory chutney and tamarind water is sure to whip up your appetite and make you ready for the tasty mains

2.       Papdi Chaat- An Indian just cannot be separated from his chaat. The amazing mix of gram flour balls, potatoes and sweet chutney together with yogurt creates magic in your mouth making you yearn for more.

3.       Samosa Chaat – The delicious triangle that will be effective for drowning all your sorrows at one go. Much into it and taste the flavors that will bring India to your mind. Dip it in mint chutney and satiate your urge for snacking like never before

4.       Pakoda- It will certainly not do to give the omnipresent pakodas a miss though. Order a plateful of veg pakodas and relish in the satisfaction of having the deep fried concoction singe your lips. You will just not be able to stop at one

5.       Kebab- No Indian can resist the lure of kebabs certainly not the Kaju Harabhara Kebabs that come with the goodness of cottage cheese, cashew nuts and green chutney assembled together.

6.       Pizza – Do not be forlorn at having to give your favorite comfort food i.e. the pizza a miss either. STEAM offers a vegetarian pizza as well as the Margarita Pizza just for you. Tuck in and let out a satisfied BURP! You are now ready to hit the road once again.

7.       Hot Chilly Potato- China may be at loggerheads with India but a true blue Indian cannot resist Chinese food. Strangely, they have given it their own twist making it totally Indian with a hint of Chinese flavor about it. The sauce dipped hot chilly potato is just the item that will help you to bring both the ancient cultures together on a plate while you taste the best at STEAM

Opt for a simple soup or a spicy one if you want to keep it light. Order the crunchy poppadoms along with chutney if you are simply whiling the time, waiting for your friend before dinner