Steam Restaurant
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Top 5 Reasons To Choose STEAM Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Indian restaurant or great indian food to take away?

Finding a good eatery is essential when you are touring a new country. Indeed it doubles your pleasure when you come across a 100% vegetarian restaurant in a far flung location as Rotorua. While there may be quite a few that claims Indian heritage, most of them offer everything from sizzlers to steaks and tandoori dishes along with a one curry made with a few vegetables.

Indians who visit New Zealand as tourists are often out off by the food served as it bears absolutely no resemblance to the delicious Indian food served at home.  That is precisely the reason why the STEAM restaurant has been attracting the vegetarians from India and beyond in hordes of late. There are a number of other reasons that make this wonderful restaurant stand out as an exemplary outlet that is focused on its roots in an alien nation far removed from the tradition that India is famous for.

Check them out and revel in the thought that you have managed to locate the best vegetarian restaurant in the city. Bon Appétit!

1.    Feels like Home- Well, there is no place like the STEAM when it comes to authentic vegetarian Indian food. It is surely going to remind you of your home in India that is fastidious about cooking with only fresh vegetables in the tradition that has been preserved for thousands of years. This particular restaurant offers the same hospitality as well as the taste that will bring you close to your roots never mind your present location. It is no wonder, therefore, that visitors to Rotorua make a beeline for STEAM to experience the feeling of a home away from home.

2.    Variety- Sure, variety happens to be the spice of life. Sadly, it is in short supply when you decide to visit Rotorua, a beautiful location but lacking in proper Indian cuisine sans meat. No worries when you have STEAM catering to you with its plethora of mouth watering delicacies that bring out the best of not only  Jain food but also the conventional  Gujarati food served in a Thali along with the super special  Swaminarayan food that leaves you satiated totally.

3.    Ambience- The very idea of sitting down for dinner is its ambience that will relieve you of all your anxiety as you tuck into delectable cuisine brought to you from the distant shores of India. The dining area is definite to bring back the memories of an Indian home where multiple chairs are arranged around a dining table. The Indian way of eating with the entire family comes alive when you enter STEAM and the beautiful portraits and images on the wall will help you to recollect the wonderful country that is India.

4.     Menu - There is absolutely no place for a second opinion of heading out for another eatery once you enter the gateway of STEAM. The sumptuous menu will tell you all! Feel free to order from a host of breakfast dishes and main meals along with the unique coolers and sweets that make the meal a veritable treat.

5.    Heath- Your mom takes care of your health while at home and STEAM continues with the tradition in NZ. Do not fret because some of the dishes turn out to be spicy. The professional chefs rustling up the strictly vegetarian fare are extremely fussy about the quality of the ingredients and procedures of preparing it. You will not have even a moment’s anxiety for your health as you dig into the 100% vegetarian menu at this wonderful Indian restaurant in far off Rotorua.