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A Guide to Pairing Indian Cuisine and Wine

How to select wine while having lunch or dinner at indian resturant

Indians do not believe in serving their food with wine unlike their Western counterparts. This is usually because of tropical climate that makes one pant and sweat making a body warmer redundant. Sure, the winter of North India can be intense as well. However, the chutneys and pickles are enough to make alcohol away. Also eating happens to be a family affair in Indian households where serving any form of alcohol is taboo too.

Times have changed though with the modern generation leaving their beloved motherland to pursue their chosen careers elsewhere. The Western world has come to understand the deep thought behind the Indian dishes too and its efficacy. However, the basic idea of serving wine with food still holds good and many Indian restaurant are now open to it.

People touring and living in Rotorua, NZ are not averse to trying out the wonderful array of wines along with the sumptuous fare served at STEAM, the 100% Indian vegetarian restaurant though. Sure, you would be spoiled for choices when you go through the menu card. The bar menu is extensive as well with wines, aromatics and the Indian Beer claiming attention. Do not be disheartened though. You might do well to take the advice of the chef at the restaurant and find out more about the possibilities of pairing Indian dishes and wine. Here is a guideline for your consideration. Do check…

  • Curries are strong and spicy. Who would need a robust wine to go with it? Try the Merlot with the Veg. Kadai and Bhindi Masala therefore.
  • Veg. Jalfrezi and Dum Aloo along with the wonderfully tasty Veg. Achari Masala will not fail to do justice to your palate when tasted together with the medium bodied Shiraz.
  • The fruity Sauvignon Blanc can be paired astonishingly well with the creamy gravies that the STEAM brings to you as a refinement of gastronomic art.
  • Do not forget to ask for a plate of Paneer Makhanwala, Kaju Curry or Veg. Diwani Handi when you are in a mood for soothing Pinot Noirs to put your worries behind.
  • The aromatics with their full bodied essence and lingering sweet flavor is definite to highlight the Sev Tamater Sabji from the heartland of Gujarat while the Paneer Kalimiry Tikka straight off the tandoor will do full justice to fragrant wines.
  • There is absolutely no reason to forgo Palak Paneer or the Cheese Butter Masala while you are dining at STEAM either. Be sure to cut the acidity by ordering a sweet Asti Ricadonna alongside.
  • You just cannot go to an Indian restaurant and hop to escape the dal-chawal (lentils & rice) route. You do not have to settle for the most ordinary and homely fare either. Try the Dal Makhani or Dal Panchratan to try a more offbeat version. Do not miss out on the exquisite Chardonnay that will give an extra kick to the wholesome dish.
  • Celebrating without a big plate of spicy and aromatic Veg. Biriyani will not be right. Order a rich Syrah with it to set the mood. 

Do not scrimp on giving your guests a taste of the best by opening a bottle of Moet Champagne with an enormous platter of Meethais (sweets) to make it a fitting end.