Steam Restaurant
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And The Finalist for Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality is…STEAM, The 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Rotorua!

Westpec Rotorua Business Excellence Award - 2018 for Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality

The Indians residing in Rotorua found much to rejoice after the announcement about the, ‘Rotorua Westpac Business Excellence Awards 2018.’ It suffices to say that STEAM, the 100% vegetarian restaurant was declared as one of the finalist in the “Tourism and Hospitality” category. It is definitely an honor that has the fans of this excellent eatery dancing with joy.

However, the restaurant management has been working painstakingly to achieve the quality that it is known for today. The process was certainly not easy nor had the honor being served on a platter for simply doing business in the bustling city of Rotorua, NZ. The eminent judges have indeed noticed the restaurant closely for a long time, noting each characteristic before deciding that STEAM has definitely arrived in the food scene of this quaint town of NZ; that too with a bang.

The others, fellow Rotoruans and the tourists who are busy enjoying the spectacular locale would certainly like to know what made STEAM stand out from the rest of the eateries here. STEAM welcomes one and all without a bias. So whether you happen to love Indian vegetarian cuisine or do not care much about it; this restaurant is the place to be in. No matter where your tastes lie, STEAM is bound to convert you for good.

It is certainly time to peek into STEAM and observe the reasons that make it excel as one of the best food outlets across Rotorua as well as New Zealand.

1.       Food quality
There is no doubt about the quality of food at the STEAM today. You can drop in for a sumptuous breakfast and savor the South Indian Idli or the traditional fried North Indian flat bread known as Paratha that has been stuffed to the brim. Wash it down with masala chai or filter coffee, made in the Indian way and you just cannot help but let out a satisfied burp. Do feel free to try the tandoori dishes or head down to the South of the country for a taste of Rajnikanth’s food. You might just as well visit the land of Mahatma Gandhi via your palate courtesy the Gujarati fare at STEAM.

2.       Ambience
You are bound to feel relaxed and completely at home as you step into this restaurant par excellence. The wooden chairs and long tables may not be overtly expensive but they are in keeping with the tradition of India where family, friends and guests do not mind sharing a meal while arguing about religion, politics or simple everyday problems.

3.       Cleanliness
STEAM is proud to remain spotless despite the rush at lunch and dinner hours. Indian food tends to be full of gravy and can often stain the table cloths and uniforms of the servers along with the floor. Trust the management of this wonderful eatery to keep a watch out for any less than perfect. You will actually find the food hygienic and tasty at the same time while the floor, tables and servers remain immaculate and welcoming no matter how hectic the day happens to be.