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Basic Utensils that you might Need for Cooking Indian Food

Must-Have Cookware for Indian Cuisine

Living in Rotorua is definitely not being cut off from the rest of the world especially India. You can get a taste of India when you visit STEAM, a top Indianrestaurant the offers 100% vegetarian dishes. No doubt, the Indian tourists who happen to be strict vegetarians and others who are excited about eating authentic Indian food drop into STEAM at regular intervals. That doesn’t mean that you should eat out every single day though. You are welcome to cook at home and come up with dishes by following your mom’s recipes. Do you have the right utensils for cooking Indian food though? Take a look at your kitchen and get the following immediately if your kitchen is not equipped to recreate Indian recipes.

Kadai – The ubiquitous wok known as a Kadai in India happens to be the most important cook ware across the country. It can be employed for sautéing and frying all kinds of ingredients and even thickening of mixes and spice pastes. The authentic kadai is not always easy to find though and a deep frying pan may do occasionally. Be sure to hunt for it in Indian neighborhoods and cook up a storm in yr kitchen by trying to make STEAM’s most popular dish, the Veg. Kadai. 

Tawa- You just cannot hope to make the classic Indian flat breads without a heavy duty skillet. Known as a tawa, this utensil can also be used to toast breads and make crepes apart from making rotis and frying parathas. You might try to roast the spices before grinding them to a fine paste or simply for sprinkling on the ready food. Sure, the traditional cast iron skillet may not be available. You will do better by buying the non-stick version as it prevents the food from sticking to it if you are not too adept at rustling up the crunchy dosas. 

Handi - A vessel that resembles a deep pot and had been widely used in most Indian homes! It is perfect for steaming rice and cooking a range of dishes that need to be slow cooked for a long time. Do opt for a rice cooker by all means if you are not comfortable about draining the hot water from it as the rice is nice and soft. You are free to use it for cooking biriyani in style of the Veg. biriyani at STEAM if you are certain of mastering the technique. Do feel free to opt for a degchi or a heavy bottomed pan similar to the handi if you need to cook Indian food regularly without burning it. 

Chakla Bean – This is a pair that you just cannot do without especially if you are fond of Indian flat breads. You will have to use the round platform to place the ball of dough and roll it expertly with the aid of the rolling pin. From rotis to chapattis; parathas to nana, is just no escaping this particular equipment.

Sure, you need an assortment of knives and cutting boards along with a quality mixer & grinder to have the ground spices and pastes ready for cooking. Do not forget to get a pressure cooker while you are at it though. It will come in handy when you are pressed for time.