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Best Indian Breakfast Dishes At Steam: Truly Delightful!

Find our Best Indian Breakfast dishes at Steam

Best Indian Breakfast Dishes At Steam: Truly Delightful!

Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day. Doctors urge their patients to eat like a King therefore. Unfortunately, an Indian in Rotorua feels akin to a fish out of water when he lands up at the breakfast table in the city. The best alternative is to stop by STEAM, the 100% vegetarian restaurant that caters to the Indian palate. Do not feel compelled to start your day without a hearty breakfast at STEAM therefore. You are sure to remain in good spirits throughout the day.

Breakfast Items to try at STEAM

When is it customary to have breakfast? 8-10A.M? Not at all! STEAM knows India like the palm of a hand and has made provisions for its valuable customers to pop in for breakfast all through the day. Go ahead and choose your dish before you feel hunger gnawing at you. Bon Appétit!

·         Poha – Try this light yet delicious flattened rice dish that comes to you with tasty bits of potatoes and the flavorful coriander.

·         Upma- This wholesome meal of semolina and assorted veggies will have you raring to tackle your day’s work. The coconut chutney served with it is likely to bring the glorious regions of South India alive in your mind.

·         Paratha – No doubt, this is a staple on almost every Indian’s menu. However, the stuffed wonder full of seasonal vegetables will help you to remain full throughout the day, thus allowing you to maximize your productivity like never before.

·         Kesar Milk – Finish off your meal with a glass full of hot milk that will help to warm your chilled body, unaccustomed to the extreme cold conditions of New Zealand. A hint of saffron gives it a unique flavor while providing you with varied health benefits. Do not miss it!

·         Other Items – You are free to select idli or a plate of meduvada instead of upma for breakfast though. Do not hold back if you have the urge to have both the steamed and fried concoctions together either. Each bite is definite to bring you closer to your motherland even though you are separated by thousands of miles in reality.

Group Breakfast

Not quite sure of what you would like to have? No worries! STEAM has just the right solution for you. Opt for the group breakfast menu available at the eatery and satiate your hunger pangs in the healthiest manner possible. Yes! STEAM enables you to remain health conscious without sacrificing your palate in any way either. Here is what you are likely to get. Take a look…

·         Fruits – Pick the fruits that appeases you in the most enticing manner. Apple, pineapple and watermelon slices come cut aesthetically while the local Kiwi fruit can help you to get the best of both worlds.

·         Main Items – Are you a proud North Indian? Savor the puri subzi that comes with the taste of your mother’s hands. Turn your eyes to the extravagant feast of upma, poha or idli if you please though. The South Indian delicacies come accompanied with the customary chutney and Sambar. So, go ahead and pick up the items the are closest to your heart.

·         Go British – A stickler for convention, are you? No matter, the STEAM promises to help you out too. Do not linger therefore and choose the traditional bread and butter / jam along with a tall glass of orange juice. Spoon your cereal daintily along with a couple of biscuits if you are not up to a heavy meal right away. Simply pile your plate high otherwise with the sumptuous baked beans that would out the Brits to shame.

·         Beverages – Wash your hearty breakfast down with the Indian tea or coffee and be on your way to work.

The morning hours will prove to be profitable as you discover yet another façade to STEAM, the best Indian restaurant in Rotorua!