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best indian lunch menu options at steam rotorua new zealand

Taste India on A Plate During Lunch Hour Courtesy Steam

Taste India on A Plate During Lunch Hour Courtesy Steam

You cannot simply ask an Indian to skip lunch! A sumptuous lunch replete with savory, spicy, and sweet happens to find place in the lunch menu of every Indian regardless of the financial status. So, do not be scared of having to munch bread and eat bland sandwiches at lunch hour while you are touring New Zealand with your family. Take the entire group to the best vegetarian eatery in Rotorua and sample the best Indian lunch menu options there.

Sure you want to try the mains as well as the starters at Steam. However, you simply cannot fail to look at the awe inspiring rice dishes as well as the Rotis that this eatery offers. Pick as you desire whether you want to do with plain or jeera rice today. Wait! Why don’t you opt for the Biriyani that promises to encapsulate every ingredient dear to your heart? No issues if you happen to remain content with North Indian style of food though. You have the entire Roti Ki Tokri to contemplate.

Feel free to try the soups as well as the salads along with the ubiquitous poppadam along with a dozen sides. However, be sure to make room for the ‘asli khana’ when you are hoping to eat Indian style at Steam. Remember to taste the koftas and pair it with fiery Veg Kolhapuri from deep South of India. Play it safe with the nutritious Palak corn capsicum or the Jalfrezi that has been in vogue from time immemorial.

There is no restriction on choosing the common dishes such as Aloo Matar or Bhindi Masala though. However, you can surely be a little adventurous and try the Diwani Handi with its creamy concoction cooked to perfection with aromatic spices from the ancient culture of India.

Well, you definitely cannot miss the dals at Steam though. Choose your dish wisely and well from the plethora laid in front of you to get your protein power up. The humble cottage cheese or Paneer comes to your plate in a dozen avatars or more.

Wrap up your lunch on a sweet note. Go berserk on finding a number of luscious and juicy mithai that remind you of home. Yes indeed! The Gulab Jamun and Gajar ka Halwa happen to be all time favorites of Indians whether they are in Tuticorin or Timbucktu. Fortunately, you get to sample many more items from the sweet pantry of steam that believes that parting is a sweet sorrow.

It is definitely fitting to taste every morsel of the kheer therefore followed by Moong Dal Halva. You are welcome to add a scoop of ice cream to your plate of course. Do not mar the pure Indian lunch at the last moment though. Stick to the traditional mithais from all the four corners of the huge country at the moment. The Western delicacies of chocolate and ice cream will have to be saved for the next visit to Steam, however.