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Can a Vegan Eat Indian Food ?

Steam-The 100% Vegetarian Restaurant Is An Ideal Place For Vegans Too!

Steam-The 100% Vegetarian Restaurant Is An Ideal Place For Vegans Too!

Forsaking meat in favor of veggies is the new trend in the Western World. India, however, has long understood the wisdom of going vegetarian. That is why you will find numerous Indians relinquish the animal flesh without any sorrow. Indeed many of them have not eaten meat or fish even once in their lives and wish to stick with their vegetarian food.  

What about the vegans then? Unfortunately, India did not have much to do with veganism in the past as milk products and honey had been a delicacy of sorts. The same is true across the vast country even now but many new converts do not hesitate to ask, ‘’can a vegan eat Indian food?’’ It is time to find out the truth, however.

How else can you find the right answers without checking with the professional chefs at Steam, the 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant in Rotorua? Sure, it will stand out as the eatery to go too when you want to shun animal products totally. Yes! The menu will assure you of the lack of meat but can the same be said of every item on the menu?

No issues though. Do check out the facts below and order carefully. Eating at Steam is definitely going to help you have the best vegan meal of your life. That’s a promise!

Guidelines about going vegan in an Indian restaurant

Ghee- Yummy is the word that springs to mind when you see this word. Unfortunately, it is not a vegan product. Do stick to Upma and Idli when you want to start your day. Request the chef to prepare the main dishes in vegetable oil instead of ghee and you are going to be just fine.

Naan- Do not aspire to have Naan if you hope to remain Vegan though. Remember, the dough is made with a good amount of yoghurt that is certainly not for you. Ask for the plain roti or choose the deep fried puri instead. The stuffed paratha will also be a great alternative. Tuck in with abandon. You will not miss the Naan at all!

Tandooris – The veg options that are cooked by using the clay pot oven or Tandoor becomes hugely limited when you are a vegan. You can rely on the Veg. Seekh Kebab though but that is just about it.

Main Courses – Be sure to order the South Indian dishes when you are determined not to allow any kind of animal product pass your lips. The Kohlapuri curry along with the palak, corn and capsicum combo can certainly be excellent choices for you. Forget tasting the gravies laden with cream and yogurt or any of the butter based dishes.

Proteins – You have to refuse the paneer sadly when at Steam but do not hesitate to order a huge bowl of dal instead. The varieties are amazingly tasty apart from being nutritious. You would do well to try all the lentils as well as the kidney beans cooked in a tomato gravy.

Sweets - Indian sweets are laden with milk! Sad but true! You do have the opportunity of tasting a bit of the country’s innovation by asking for a plate of moong dal halva. This dish can be made without milk too. Do request the chef for a special vegan alternative and feel free to round up your meal with a yummy mithai.