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Celebrate Veganism By Ordering Superb Indian Vegan Food At STEAM

Celebrate Veganism By Ordering Superb Indian Vegan Food At STEAM

If you are a hard core vegetarian. You are bound to feel at home in Rotorua too especially when have visited STEAM deemed to be a 100% vegetarian restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine. Sure, you have heard of the top Indian dishes that are delicious and easy on the palate too. However, most of the dishes make use of milk in some form or the other with paneer, the soft cottage cheese being the mainstay of many of the dishes served both at home and outside.

Do not be scared about having to go through each and every item in the painstakingly before ordering it to satiate your hunger. You are sure of finding a plethora of Indian dishes that happen to be totally vegan as well. You would certainly not be able to do without them once you get to taste the best of Vegan Indian cuisine at STEAM located in the heart of Rotorua.

Food that is Vegan & Indian at the same time

Veg Biryani- This is definitely a must have for people who thrive on rice. The slow cooked dish is literally a one in all as it is chock-a-block with aromatic rice, spices, and vegetables in practically every hue. Spooning it down with some green salad at STEAM is going to be intensely pleasurable for you do not have to compromise on taste while ensuring that the diet restrictions are fulfilled.

Dal Fry- You cannot ask for Indian dishes without tasting dal, however. While there are numerous varieties of lentils served in Indian eateries with STEAM being particularly known for its array of protein boosters, you cannot go wrong by asking for a steaming bowl of dal fry here. It is prepared with whole spices and lentils that leave a lingering taste in your mouth.  

Masala Dosa- The super thin and crispy crepe made out of fermented rice and lentils can definitely make your day. It comes filled with a hot and delicious potato onion mixture along with a steaming bowl of sambhar (mixed lentils and veggies) and delicious coconut chutney. You can now do the same as South Indians do i.e. have a traditional breakfast without giving up the veganism.

Baingan Bharta- This is a simple dish that is eaten throughout the length and breadth of India. The smoky flavor of char grilled eggplant can have one salivating while the beautiful taste of spices and tomatoes along with onions, chilies and ginger and enough to hold out your plate and ask for more. You will delight at finding the Gujarati version of this dish at the STEAM. It would be a shame to miss it.

Moong Dal Halwa- Ending a meal on a sweet note is customary while in India! Unfortunately, most of the Indian sweets are made with milk and cottage cheese thereby making it impossible to have a fitting finale. STEAM, however, has you covered because it can offer you a fabulous vegan dessert in the form of a moong dal halwa, created out of lentils and water and topped with slivers of almond. Do not forget to request for the vegan version though in order to avoid clarified butter.