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Delicious Chinese Menu - An Indian Way

Delicious Chinese Menu - An Indian Way

A special type of tangy and sweet dishes termed as Chinese is definite to make you wonder about its authenticity. You may be amazed to find the ubiquitous Indian paneer in almost every dish known to be popular in China and an American Chop Suey that doesn’t taste like the real thing although it happens to be heavenly. You are right! These wonderfully delicious dishes have little in common with mainland China; on the contrary you will find it at every corner of India satiating its indigenous population with dishes that elicit a wow every time one tucks into it.

No worries, you are sure to find a number of such sumptuous Indian Chinese fare in the far off Rotorua, NZ that you may be visiting soon. Sure, you happen to be a vegetarian and prefer to remain true to your Indian roots. No worries though! Simply book your table at STEAM, noted for its authentic vegetarian cuisine and proceed to eat your way through the wonderful fusion that brings the two ancient cultures together.

A glance at the menu for Chinese dishes cooked and served in the Indian way is likely to have you hooked totally. Here are a few of the tested and tried dishes from their kitchens that are sure to have you eager for more…

·         Hakka Noodles – Although you may recollect the Hakka region of China by ordering this dish, it comes with a distinct taste of India. The al-dente noodles come stir fried with an assortment of veggies that are commonplace in India too. The hint of spice and a strong aroma wafting from the hot noodles is likely to take you back to those lazy weekends spent at home in India as well.

·         Chinese Bhel – Well, speak of a union of two extremes and you get it served on a platter at STEAM.  A novel preparation that imbibes the goodness of both rice and noodles in a unique manner comes to you aptly seasoned with vinegar and a dash of soy & Schezwan sauce. A cracker of a dish that is a hit with all Bollywood fans including you.

·         Paneer Chilly – Gone is the hard and offbeat tofu only to be replaced with succulent pieces of nutritious paneer(cottage cheese)  that is cooked to perfection with a variety of chili peppers. This one is definite to move you to tears not because of the sting of chilly on your palate but because of the emotional tug of your motherland.

Do not be deterred by the words Chinese therefore. The STEAM remains true to its promise of being a 100% vegetarian restaurant in spite of the odds. Enjoy the wonderful fusion food that showcases India most favorably and head home with both your belly and mind appeased completely.