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Having A First Date In An Indian Restaurant

Have A Successful First Date At STEAM, The Best Vegetarian Indian Restaurant 

Sure, you are excited and a little apprehensive on your first date. Choose the venue with care, however. Give her something truly exotic and unforgettable by taking her to STEAM, the top restaurant in Rotorua known for its exemplary Indian vegetarian cuisine. You do not have to be nervous when the restaurant aids you to put her at total ease.

Walk into the clean and expansive setting that is simple yet tastefully decorated in the true Indian way. Pull up a chair for her and order one of the house wines to break the ice. The rest will follow as if on cue with the heavenly aromas of authentic Indian food emanating from the kitchen.

Ask for sizzlers specifically if you are hoping to begin with a bang. The sound and accompanying flavor will be enough to send her into a tizzy. Allow her to take a big bite of the veg sizzler platter and dig into the lovely combo that comes with a hearty side of noodles or rice. Do opt for the Schezwan Sizzler if you are hoping to give her a taste of two huge cultures (Chinese & Indian) at the same time.

You do not have to blow up an entire week’s salary on food when you are intent on impressing your first date though. Educate her about the glorious Indian food by taking the help of STEAM’s able staff serving the food and let her take her pick. Sure, the curries are worth tasting with every single one of them being unfamiliar and delectable. The varieties of rice dishes and flat breads served on the side are truly sumptuous too making the combo of rice, dal and curry simply irresistible.

Worry not, if you want to take it easy on your first date though. Opt for the street food of India and have fun eating the curious balls of gol gappas with the tangy sauce. Let the plethora of chaats overwhelm your palate with an amazing mix of sweet, salty, tangy and hot. Take a sip of the strawberry lassi to get rid of the fire and woo her in style that would be difficult to forget.

Give her the Chinese Bhel, a unique coming together of Asian culture that you would not find anywhere else. No issues if your date insists on Italian food either. Order the Indian Italian fare this time and enthrall her with the lovely taste of ‘all-in-one-pasta’ served with an assortment of sauces. It is sure to be the experience of a lifetime for her.

Bring a fitting conclusion to your date by feeding her a spoon of her favorite ice cream. Wait! Let the Indian taste linger on in a huge plate of carrot halwa instead.

You simply cannot forget the taste once you are at STEAM. Do not forget to make reservations when she becomes your girlfriend either. The Indians believe in a lifetime of partnership. So be it with you! 

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