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Healthy and Delicious Food for your Kids

5 Wonderfully Delicious & Nutritious Food For Your Kid At STEAM

There is no pleasing the young kids when it comes to food. Mothers definitely have a tough time trying get the picky eaters to have a wholesome meal. No issues if you happen to come across the sumptuous fare at the STEAM restaurant in Rotorua though. It happens to be a unique eatery that has all the Indians united. No one can avoid dropping into it occasionally for trying out the delicious vegetarian food from all corners of the country. The restaurant does not disappoint the moms either. You will, in fact, be pleasantly surprised to find healthy and delicious food for your kids that will not mind tucking into. Here are a few items from the menu that you must order. Bon Appétit!   

1)  Idli- Allow them to savor the delicious steamed idlis from deep South that comes accompanied with Sambhar or lentil soup chock-a-block with veggies. A great way to ensure that your young un has his fill of vegetables.

2)  Poha- You just cannot go wrong by ordering poha at STEAM. Your kids are going to lick the plate clean along with the fried noodles and potato pieces that comes with it. You will not have them clamoring for the unhealthy fast food thereafter. A wonderful way to satiate their appetite indeed!

3)  Palak Paneer- Give them the vitamins they need by ordering a plate of cottage cheese cooked in a tick gravy of spinach and spices that are not too hot on the tongue. You will not find them complaining even once as they are likely to be excited to eat the vibrant green dish.

4)  Hakka Noodles- Who doesn’t like Chinese food? You certainly do as does your kid. So, give him exactly what he wants by providing him with a big plateful of Hakka Noodles that comes teamed with an assortment of vegetables. You are getting him to eat carbs and vitamins at one go. That’s definitely a win for you! Kudos!

5)  Gajar Ka Halva- Well, you just cannot end the meal without asking for sweets. Go through the sweet fare supplied at STEAM and choose carefully. Let him spoon off the delectable carrot halva and head off to play. No worries! You are giving him the required nutrition courtesy vitamin A, potassium, and dietary fibers plus the crunchy nuts. Sure, it is sweet but energizing at the same time. This is a treat that you would not mind providing for your child time and again.