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Indian Rice Dishes- Specialties of the Home Grown

Indian Rice Dishes- Specialties of the Home Grown

Indian Rice Dishes- Specialties of the Home Grown

Rice is the staple food of not only India but of more than half of the countries of the world. India, according to the experts, has been growing rice for last 5000 years. Soil of the large part of the country is fertile, alluvial and marshy which favors cultivation of rice. Staple food for this part of the country is mostly rice. Naturally, neither can you keep rice away from an Indian nor an Indian away from rice.

Rice, in fact, is synonymous with a hearty meal for many. But getting delicious restaurant rice dish for an Indian vegetarian foodie is really difficult in a foreign country because both the Indians and the native patrons go gaga over non vegetarian rice dishes. As a matter of fact, looking for a strictly vegetarian Indian restaurant is like looking for El Dorado.

Well, not really! At least, not if you are in Rotorua in New Zealand because Steam is there to rescue you of your plight. And you can devour all your favorite Indian rice dishes to the content of your heart.

Rice Dishes Served Daily in Steam

1.      Steamed Plain Rice- This is the basic rice preparation. When you feel homesick, come here to have this long grain fine rice with paalak paneer, daal or bhindi masala. Perfect combination for the rejuvenation of your spirit.

2.      Jeera Rice- Another of the home specialty. This simple and simply delectable rice dish will make your day. Made with basmati rice, cooked to perfection and tempered in clarified butter with cumin seeds, jeera rice has mild flavor of fresh coriander leaves. Have it with dal makhani or paneer khurchan and bless the chef!

3.      Veg Biriyani- Biriyani is the last word of good food. In the rush of non vegetarian biriyani variants, you must have felt tired longing for this dish. Try this fragrant Basmati rice layered with mixed vegetables cooked in aromatic spices and saffron.

4.      Green Peas Pulao- If there could be any physical representation of the expression of simple and gorgeous then it would be the green peas pulao served in Steam. Steamed Basmati rice is cooked with green peas, green dots in pearl white fine rice is a treat to eyes as well as your taste buds. Have it with Paneer Khurchan or Veg Jaipuri. The mild taste of rice to complement rich and spicy side dish- in short, perfect combination.

5.      Veg Fried Rice- Craving for some oriental flavors? No problem, come to Steam for veg fried rice. Fine rice is cooked with chopped vegetables and dash of Chinese sauces- just like the way you had Chinese fried rice back in India.

So, if you are in Rotorua, New Zealand and want to be teleported to your home in India via means of olfactory realms, come to Steam 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. Whether you want lunch or dinner, a la carte or group menu, Indian rice dishes will always be there to give you a ride to your childhood, hometown and a bliss, which only ‘ghar ka swaad’  can give.