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Is She Getting All The 3 Super Important Nutrients? STEAM has the solution!

Is She Getting All The 3 Super Important Nutrients? STEAM has the solution!

Is She Getting All The 3 Super Important Nutrients? STEAM has the solution!

Women happen to be the heart of a household and a queen of the hearth. Yet, they often overlook their own needs in order to cater to the family. Eating plentiful may not always be possible but eating right is surely the need of the hour. You, as a woman, surely would not want your health to go downhill and have your loved ones worried. No worries! You can try to incorporate the required nutrients in your diet today and take on the world. Remember, that beauty is only skin deep but good health can make you energized enough to tackle the problems of life single-handedly. Here are a few tips to consider. Do read on for understanding the facts behind your steadily weakening health and make amends at the earliest.

Must Have Nutrients

Calcium- Age is likely to wither your body and weaken your bones. Alas! Women are the ones who have to bear of brittle bones and have a tendency to suffer from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis along with a host of other diseases that occur due to inadequate calcium intake. No! You do not have to gulp down calcium tablets every two hours. Try fortifying your food instead by including dairy products, fortified fruit juices as well as yogurt or soy products in your meals. Try the BoondiRaita at STEAM when you go out with your family for dinner and check out the array of paneer rich dishes there. You are sure to feel great about yourself once you return home fully satiated after having a hearty vegetarian meal that made you go, ‘wow.’ 

Iron- You definitely need a good amount of iron in your body to be up and about, dealing with a busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the lack of iron in your diet is likely to take a toll on your health. You might even be afflicted by anemia and suffer from dizziness and lethargy. Having no energy left to tackle even the simplest of chores will also affect your mood adversely. Do not put off seeing a medical professional though and try to follow her advice as loosely as possible. This is indeed the right time to change your diet for the better and incorporate lentils, soy, cheese, green veggies along with nuts and seeds. Go out and have lunch at STEAM with your gal pals and enjoy your day to the fullest. You should also be sure to order the iron rich dishes on offer at the eatery by enjoying the healthy dals and paneer dishes along with the veg makhanwala and kaju curry.

Vitamin D- India is a tropical country with a surfeit of sunlight. Unfortunately, it is the Indian women who are found to lack Vitamin D in their bodies many a time. This is true of New Zealanders as well with both the sets of ladies being unable to utilize the calcium that enters their body through food. It is this vitamin that plays a vital role in absorption of calcium and failing to make use of the sunlight leads to vitamin deficiency. Do not deter therefore to obtain this all-important vitamin from your food as well. STEAM has a sumptuous plate of Kumbh (mushroom) masala on offer that will give you a good amount of the nutrient. You may also savor the Matka Chhash (buttermilk) along with the variety of milk shakes and paneer to make good the lost vitamin. 

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