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Let STEAM Help You To Throw A Perfect Dosa Dinner Party

Taste one of the best Dosa in rotoura, New Zealand

One can travel to all parts of the world and still remain an Indian at heart! Well, this sentiment is much appreciated when one has to stay put in Rotorua, NZ on account of work with alien food assailing the senses. The best way to obtain a whiff of home and get comforted by glancing at the dinner plate is to rustle up a crispy, scrumptious dosa. The golden brown, fried pancake is known to soothe the palate and relive the mind reminding one of home.

Unfortunately, one needs to master the skills of making the perfect dosa in order to satiate the inner urgings. The Indian way is not to eat the coveted dish in solitude though for you are sure to crave company while relishing the authentic dosa too. So, go ahead and up your skills by turning out the golden brown dosa replete with a host of mouthwatering filings made out of the humble potato and peas or the crumby paneer. You might also want to opt for a fusion and cater to the western palate by incorporating cheese within the filling. Your dinner party is sure to be a rip roaring success once your dosa is made exactly the way your mom makes them.

So, gear up and invite your friends and acquaintances for the south Indian pancake that is definitely the mother of all crepes. Sure, you are knowledgeable about the technique and can handle the skillet dexterously, yet you have to be mindful of the recipe and contemplate on the following tricks that will enable you to whisk of the best dosa on this side of NZ. Good Luck!

Tips To Make The Perfect Dosa

Batter- You will not have to battle with the soaked rice and lentil batter once you have got the consistency right though. Make sure that the ratio of rise to lentils is absolutely right and take care to grind it into a paste that needs to be a bit coarse instead of smooth and flowing.

Filling- The simple filling of aloo or potato reigns supreme to this day although you are free to play with it as per your taste. However, adding a pinch of the Mysore spice will give you that Mysore Dosa that will elevate one to another level. You might try to source the authentic ingredients while at Rotorua such as pluck a handful of curry leaves straight from the tree. Alas! It might prove to be a challenging task. So, safely down your tools and take your entourage out to the STEAM for sumptuous dinner and taste of the best dosas from the land of Rajnikant.

Technique- The task is certainly not as easy as it looks though. You have to ensure that the temperature of the frying pan is just right while the dosa batter hits it. Exercise your arms vigorously by moving it in a circular motion while spreading the batter too. Moreover, you would need to concentrate totally so that your hand-eye coordination is just right. Thankfully, you can always rely on STEAM if you want your dosa party to become the most talked about event in town.