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Let Your Event Be A Runaway Hit Courtesy STEAM Catering

Make your event successful with the mouth watering STEAM 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Meal

There is no dearth of events in one’s life. Beginning with birthday celebrations to organizing office meetings and personal events, it is food that rules the heart. So, you may try to have everything prepared perfectly but serving flawed or unappetizing food is likely to let you down with all your efforts coming to a naught.

It might be time to give your guests something to ponder about by asking for an Indian menu from the caterers. Indian food is in high demand at the moment and you will find many takers for it. The idea of tucking into a spicy and unfamiliar food that makes the tongue tingle and celebrate the delicious dishes is sure to have you running to STEAM, the most talked about vegetarian restaurant in Rotorua.

No worries, you do not have to know a thing about Indian cuisine when you ask for the best though. The helpful staff at the STEAM will assist you closely enabling you to pick and choose the dishes comfortably. Remember that Indian food does not have to be overtly hot and full of chilies contrary to the common perception in the West. Instead, it comes in an array of dishes with each one being different from the other.

However, it would not hurt to familiarize yourself with a smattering of the Indian words especially the ones associated with the dishes. Here are a few that you might want to know about lest the guests ask you to explain a particular dish.

Masala- The term refers to spices and is a collective word. You might be served with Bhindi Masala, an okra dish or veg achari masala leaving you perplexed. It suffices to say that the chefs at STEAM have cooked the dish to perfection using an assortment of aromatic spices that includes but is not limited to turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, chillies, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon.

Tandoori- Anything emanating out of the tandoor or a specific type of clay oven is referred to a host of North Indian dishes that is baked in high heat inside the tandoor. You will find each of the dishes fragrant with a pleasant charring hat supersedes baking in a conventional oven. The veg kurmura seekh kebab is a classic from STEAM while the Nawabi Kumbh is likely to make you relish the humble mushrooms even more. Do not forget to break a piece of the fluffy naan served alongside the main dishes and dip it into the curry though. The veg biryani makes use of the tandoor as well and come to you with a plethora of spices embellishing the long grained basmati rice and an assortment of veggies.

Paneer- You just cannot forget to include a couple of paneer dishes while finalizing the food for the event. The soft cottage cheese is cooked in a variety of ways at STEAM so that it becomes impossible to miss the meat dishes while sticking to a vegetarian diet. A Palak Paneer, a combo of spinach and cottage cheese is endorsed by one and all while dining at STEAM, while the ones who cannot think of eating spicy fare will not have any complaints while trying paneer makhanwala, where the cubes of cottage cheese are cooked in a cream filled gravy without any hint of the fiery chilly.