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Mouth-watering Take Away from STEAM that Promise to give The Real Taste of India

Mouth-watering Take outs from STEAM that Promise to give The Real Taste of India

India is indeed a vast country that cannot be fathomed completely by simply visiting it. Fortunately, the Indians are not bound by any conventions when they decide to do a bout of sightseeing around the world. They are not averse to feasting their eyes on the spectacular sights in New Zealand either. However, it is another matter when it comes to food though.

You may find multiple options for Indian cuisines in Rotorua as well but none can hold a candle to the delectable Takeout dishes At STEAM, the 100% vegetarian restaurant that offers the real “Taste Of India.”  The wisdom of being able to order and pack food that can be eaten at the comfort of your own home is definitely worth thinking about. Admittedly you will not have the time to sit for long at the restaurant waiting for the piping hot food to arrive.

It is definitely much easier to pack and use the take away dishes thus saving time in the process. However, the menu at the STEAM happens to be extremely diverse. You will actually be spoilt for choice when you try to find the dishes that will retain their wonderful taste even when slightly cold or reheated. Here are a few pointers. Do check them out and order to satiate your taste buds.

Starters – Feel free to try the starters especially the crispy pakoras from STEAM. You can have them with your tea when you are down and out. It is sure to pep you up considerably with the hint of spices that have made Indian cuisine stand out in a befitting manner. Be sure to try the hara bhara kabab as well as the baby corn and mushroom platter as well. You will be full but desire more of it soon! Come back the next day and obtain a parcel that includes the crispy onion bhajis along with the vegetable wrapping roll. You will not feel the urge to taste the unappetizing Western snack item again. That’s a promise!

Main Course – Sadly, you cannot keep missing the ‘asli khana’ or real food for days on end. Do not hesitate to have your favorite paneer dishes wrapped to take way by dropping in to STEAM at your convenience therefore. You can safely cock a snook at your Western compatriots who sing paeans to the overrated chicken butter masala, the paneer version is likely to be as good if not better when you opt for it at the STEAM

Rice/Roti – You will certainly not be able to do without rice or roti and eat the Indian way. No issues when you have STEAM just a stone throw way though. Ask for the Veg Puloao or Biriyani and eat to your heart’s content after taking it away from the counter. You are welcome to look at the amazing array of sides that go with it while you ensure your daily bowl of rice. Alternatively, you can opt for a variety of stuffed paratha and naan along with the plain roti if you so fancy. Your appetite will be appeased in a most fitting manner via the take outs at the STEAM