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Pure Indian Ingredients That Make Steam Restaurant Stand Apart

Pure Indian Ingredients That Make Steam indian restaurant stand apart from all the newzealand top restaurant.

Pure Indian Ingredients That Make Steam Restaurant Stand Apart

Being reminded of home while visiting a far off land is indeed a bonus! However, the very prospect of tucking into your favorite dishes is likely to lure you the best eatery in the area at the slightest opportunity. Yes! You are likely to come across the name of Steam Restaurant, 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant when you travel through NZ. It is indeed an astounding find for being handed a platter of hot chappati along with dal and subzi is something that unimaginable in a country that is as different from India as chalk and cheese.

No worries when your mom chooses to accompany you on this awesome tour to New Zealand and Rotorua though. You will surely be able to satisfy her urges for dining properly on a sumptuous food without a touch of animal products save milk. She can take her pick out of the dishes that are prepared with key ingredients for the best Indian dish flavors too.  Do join her at the table by all means and rejoice in partaking of 100% veggie delights that are as Indian as can be.

Here are a few ingredients that will make you think of your home country anew. Well, you can definitely take yourself out of the country but you cannot take India out of your mind courtesy The Steam Restaurant.

Rice – The classic Indian Basmati rice comes to you in a variety of ways when you are seated at the restaurant. You do not have to mix it with obnoxious animal flesh in order to taste it in its best form. The Biriyani is served with an assortment of veggies and aromatic spices while the plain rice dishes are fitting accompaniments as well. Do not forget to ask for the Chinese Indian fried rice either. You will be instantly transported to the rice bowls of the country. So go ahead and relish your chawal i.e. rice.

Legumes – Getting your protein fix via a big bowl of dal or legumes cooked enticingly in the Indian way is definite to make you feel at home. Try the North Indian Dal Fry or the Dal Tadka to revive your spiced up taste buds. You can also opt for having the spinach enhanced lentil that will give you a shot of protein and vitamins simultaneously. Wait! You surely cannot give the red kidney beans or Rajma a miss when at the steam. It is one of most popular comfort food back home in India and you should not miss eating it as either the ubiquitous Rajma or Dal Makhani cooked in combination with black lentils.

Coconut – No South India can be considered complete without coconut and rightly so. How else can you get the flavor into a bowl of chutney that comes accompanying your plate of Dosa, Idli, Upma and Medu Vada? Not only is the chutney cool on your palate but it can satiate you for a long time while you take a quick tour through the city of Rotorua too. Taste the gluten free ingredient in the fiery Veg Kolhapuri curry as well and let out a satisfied Burp.