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Spice Up Your Palate Courtesy Steam Restaurant, Rotorua

Essential Spices in Indian Cuisine

Spice Up Your Palate Courtesy Steam Restaurant, Rotorua

India is a vast land that incorporates a huge land mass as well as 1.2 billion people within its borders. It is no wonder that the world remains amazed by it and tries to learn more about its culture and history. However, the Indians certainly love to visit far off places with New Zealand slowly gaining in ascendancy as a popular tourist destination for many Indians.

However, the thought of having to do without the familiar food is scary to say the least. Do not worry though! You will find Steam the 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant in Rotorua to exceed your expectations. Do not hesitate to walk into it and carry away your favorite dish at the slightest pretext. You will not lack the essential spices in Indian cuisine in their dishes either. Go out and taste the spicy Indian food in Rotorua and carry the memories back.

Do not have second thought about asking for the ingredients along with the spices employed in the dishes that you love at the Steam. Here are the 5 basic spices that no Indian can do without certainly not at the Steam.

Turmeric – Well, you just cannot comprehend Indian cooking without its tell-tale rich yellow color. True, this spice livens up almost every dish in India and utilized to the hilt to make the ingredients shine through too. So, no wonder whether you opt for Punjabi or Gujarati cuisine at the Steam or volunteer to taste Rajnikant’s favorite food, you will find turmeric in plenty every dish served to you.

Chilli- You simply cannot do without chillies when you aspire to eat Indian food. True, the dishes will not kill your taste buds with its fire always but the pungent aroma and faint heat is likely to beat the chill out of your body. So whether you want to feast on Samosas or Pakodas and Dhoklas or opt for a meal with sumptuous curries and dal/sambar dishes, you will not find a single of them sans the chilli. No fear, you can choose the fiery ones or opt for the ones that include green chillies cut fine, this spice will remain with you reminding you of your home land well and truly.

Garam Masala- Ask for the Biriyani or go with the paneer masala or even the chhole dishes at the Steam when in Rotorua, you will not be surprised to find garam masala flavor every one of them perfectly. A combo cardamom, cinnamon, and clove usually this bouquet makes every Indian salivate for yet another taste. That is not all though. The combo can be extended to contain star anise, nutmeg and mace as well depending on the type of the dish served. This masala may also be added with certain limitations to create a masala chai as well. So go ahead and have your fill. It will only help you to appreciate the taste even more.

Coriander- The seeds or leaves of dhania, the Indian term for coriander cannot be ignored when you want to taste the best dishes from India. Try the Tamatar Dhania Shorba or the lemon coriander soup at first and slowly proceed to the mains with yellow, white and red curries galore. There is no bypassing coriander though. It adds a definitive tang to the dish and complements the ingredients in a big way.

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