Steam Restaurant
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STEAM Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Rotorua

steam indian restaurant offering an authentic taste of India with our unique street food selection and mouth-watering menu

With tourists being willing to travel out of their comfort zones, it is possible to visit Rotorua in New Zealand. The wonders are many and varied and each place feels like it is out of this world. Sadly, the food scenario is a little limited with most people opting to pace up and down the Eat Street that is well known for a host of restaurants in Rotorua and cafés providing a refreshing meal at a short notice. It is not too expensive either.

While food brings people together, a number of Indian tourists are put out by the enormous variety that meat lovers can enjoy in this beautiful place. No worries though! It makes sense to visit the Indian restaurants specializing in vegetarian fare from across the vast and diverse country that has umpteen options to offer. It is not only the Indians who love to sample the fresh veggie rustled up enticingly with a number of spices and ingredients that are hard to come by outside India. The vegans and hard core vegetarian food lovers from elsewhere are eager to have a bite of the wonderful cuisine that incorporates more than a thousand years of experience and is served with the traditional Indian greeting of Namaste.

The STEAM happens to be amongst the top picks of pure vegetarian Indian restaurants in Rotorua with its sumptuous mouthwatering fare that stand out in an exemplary manner. While one could go on and on lavishing high praises on the quality of the dishes prepared most hygienically and in the traditional way that an Indian loves, it would actually be a crime not to include the dishes that call to attention all the wayfarers in Rotorua.

Poppadoms- Sure, the poppadoms or the humble papad has won the hearts and minds of the British and then the entire Western World. Thankfully, no Indian would be able to miss this accompaniment included in the Indian Thali. Feel free to try the crunchy savories fried to perfection and revel in the sweet sound of crumbling papads that is sure to hit your palate and melt away leaving you hankering for more. Do not fret if you happen to be on a diet either. The roasted popadom sans the oil is as delicious as the fried counterpart. It is indeed a crime to miss it when at the STEAM, Rotorua.

Breads- Well, you do need your daily bread but it is time to try the Indian flat bread now. You can safely try a basket full of them named innovatively as ‘Roti Ki Tokri’ at the Steam. From the commonplace plain roti to super fluffy naan breads and laccha parathas along with kulchas there is no item that will not come with the taste of heaven as you sit down to a traditional meal at one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants of NZ.

There is no dearth of the fabulous curries and other dishes that beckons both the Indian as well as the Western tourist in Rotorua. Do not wait for trying out the delightful menu at STEAM. Bon Appétit!