Steam Restaurant
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STEAM Offers one of the best BAR Menu in Rotorua

STEAM Offers one of the best BAR Menu in Rotorua

A bar is certainly not an essential part of a restaurant in India. However, you do pine to relax with a good drink in your hand while mulling over the day’s experiences. Sure, you have umpteen choices and all you need to do is to enter a bar and place your order. Sadly, the refreshments are too commonplace and difficult for you to sample with your favorite drink. Head out to STEAM instead and enter the hallowed gateway for an evening of strict enjoyment with likeminded friends. The 100% veggie snacks that come with your highballs as well as wines is sure to provide you with ample protection and you are saved from a killing hangover the day after.

The variety of drinks both fancy as well as the standard beer is difficult to ignore as well. Do not fail to look at the interesting bar menu while seated at a STEAM table and order the best drink to beat your blues. Here is a list of the most popular drinks at STEAM. Do check! Cheers!

Sparkling wines – Delight in a glass full of bubbly that comes to you courtesy the sparkling wines at STEAM. The fruity and fragrant flavors are totally in tune with the beautiful land while you are reminded of your roots far away in India.

Beers – A man and his beer cannot be separated no matter how restrained he might be. The bitters are sure to find favor with every single individual in Rotorua who need to rest after a hard day’s work. Brand Tiger along with the classic Tui beer is sure to evoke nostalgia while the all time hits such as Heineken and Montheis Black & Gold are seldom without takers.

Aromatics – You will not be able to plan the menu without including a few aromatics from the bar at STEAM when you have an occasion to celebrate. Indeed the mixologists go all out to weave magic that passes directly into your soul via the drink glass. The aroma of fruits and flowers has an intoxicating feel without the ill effects of strong alcohol. 

House Wines – You cannot go without ending the evening without a bottle of the house wine though. Feel free to choose between the Merlot and the priced whites such as Sauvignon Blanc and the dry Chardonnay. The bar tender at STEAM is a skilled individual who will prove to be a fitting guide as you get down to sampling the special wines at this wonderful Indian eatery in Rotorua.

Non Alcoholic Drinks – Most Indians are teetotalers while others are reluctant to enjoy a drink in the presence of their families. No issues! The bar at STEAM is prepared for all eventualities. So go ahead and opt for a customary Coke or Fanta or simply hold aloft a glass of delicious Mango Lassi for a toast. There is no dearth of fresh fruit juices either. You can also decide to turn British for the evening and order a glass of Ginger beer for your kids while in STEAM.