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STEAM- one of the Best Fine Dining Restaurant In Rotorua

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Tourists are often eager for a new, never before seen experience when they travel to far off lands. Dining out also happens to be dear to their hearts with most of them curious about the local food and eating habits. Strange that the enthusiasm wanes considerably after a day or two and the people start looking for eateries that can provide them with a taste of home albeit in a foreign land. There is absolutely no dearth of places to fine dine in Rotorua though even if it is a trifle offbeat destination for tourists. The present fascination for NZ makes the place a hot spot too and the presence of many fine dine restaurants has made the city a gastronome’s delight as well.

With Italian, European, and Chinese cuisine being touted as the best in town, the Indian tourists are not too impressed with the old school menu and alien environment at these eateries. The STEAM, on the contrary, offers everything that pleases the Indians in distant NZ including its serene ambience that soothes the mind and delights the heart. It is no wonder, therefore that the Indian tourists along with fellow South Asians and adventurous Europeans are keen to enter the hallway of STEAM and return completely satiated with the top class experience. The Kiwis are not left behind either. They too, love the sumptuous menu and an atmosphere that is not razzmatazz but peaceful, exactly what is needed for dining with gusto.

Why is STEAM believed to be one of the best dining restaurants in North Island, Rotorua? There is no single answer to substantiate the fact. This is what the bowled over visitors had to say in favor. Do take a look…

1.    The elegant tables laid out in perfect harmony with white napkins and dinner ware set out in front of each guest is indeed something that holds the attention and makes a positive impression at the first glance.

2.    The locals as well as the westerners are curious to experience the old world in a new manner and STEAM provides it to them with an environment that enhances their gastronomic experience by challenging their palates and delighting them at the same time. Kudos say the Indians and locals alike!

3.    Eating a plateful of good old comfort food that is served at home floods the mind with memories. A ‘home away from home’ that serves simple Indian food in an extraordinarily enticing way is what fine dining is all about. STEAM fulfils every criterion and more making the Indians come back again and again to this wonderful eatery, renowned for its vegetarian fare.

4.    Shining bar ware with sparkling wine in glasses is what constitutes the epitome of gastronomy. A platter full of Tandori delights, sizzlers, and poppadoms along side makes it a heavenly experience with the 100% vegetarian cuisine being an added bonus to the Indian crowd hoping for some traditional snacks.

5.    The Bar Menu of STEAM is undoubtedly one of the best in town say the patrons and the tourists agree wholeheartedly.