Steam Restaurant
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STEAM: The Top Pick of Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurants In Rotorua

Vegetarian is healthy! This is a belief that has been gaining ground of late across the world. However, India has remained well aware of the health benefits of shunning meat and other flesh filled dishes all along. So, it is no news to them. However, trying to locate a restaurant that offers 100% vegetarian fare is difficult to come by in the West World even today.

Not so when you go Down Under though and find yourself in Rotorua, New Zealand. Sure, it has its share of eateries offering Indian dishes too but the genuine fare can be only be found at STEAM, located right on Hinemoa Street. The restaurant does not make tall claims though. It has gained huge popularity of late by sheer word of mouth as the people who have sampled the stupendous Indian dishes there cannot stop raving about it.

So, do not hesitate to saunter into the eatery for your fix of veggies. The traditional ambience is sure to pull you back to your childhood when India had been home with its simple pleasures and familial ties. STEAM is not only appreciated by the Desi crowd though. The New Zealanders as well as the Europeans consider it to be one of the best places to frequent when they get tired of the intensely overpowering smell of meat.

A taste of the beautifully served meals in the Indian way is an eye-opener for most too. The old belief that vegetarian food is totally bland gets busted finally as you tuck into nutritious and delicately spiced vegetarian food that beats the staples of the west hollow. Do not wait while ordering though. The friendly staff will be at hand to guide you through the menu as you sample the flat breads, aromatic rice dishes and an astounding variety of vegetarian curries along with hot roasted popadoms straight out of the oven.

No worries if you just cannot do without Chinese food. STEAM has the most effective solution handy. Choose its exciting cuisine that is indeed Chinese albeit with an Indian twist. The result is going to have you hankering for more. Paneer in gravy cooked innovatively with the aid of Chinese ingredients will leave you satiated in a way that is hard to surpass while Veg Manchurian happens to be a dish that you have never heard of before. Yet it is Chinese and Indian at the same time. No wonder you cannot get enough of it when both cultures come entwined on a plate.

India and Gandhi is synonymous no doubt and STEAM cannot allow you to go away without tasting the dishes that the Father of the Nation (India) relished. From potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant(brinjal) there is no veggie left behind when you stand on the threshold of Gujarat, home to Gandhi as well as the present Prime Minister of India courtesy the dishes from STEAM.

The concept of pure vegetarian food is about to undergo a sea change in your mind as you decide to visit it time and again for eating on premises or using the take way service.