Steam Restaurant
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STEAM Unravels the Tandoori Kitchen Secret

Steam 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

The earthy and satisfying taste of Indian cuisine can never be perfected when away from home. Sure you can set up a kitchen in a far off land as remote as Rotorua but the taste of the Naans and kebabs will not be the same as that found at the STEAM. This eatery has perfected the art of Indian vegetarian cuisine flawlessly and attracts visitors from across the city and beyond. The Indians touring NZ or posted there on work have no qualms dropping into the eatery at all hours of the day while the western populace is only too glad to have found a vegetarian restaurant that does not offer bland food.

Much of the praise needs to be given to the humble tandoor though. This simple oven has regaled Indians and South Asians for well over thousands of years and remains at the forefront even today. The clay oven happens to be cylindrical in shape with the Tandoori Kitchen Secret lying in enormous heat that is trapped and assimilated into the cooking process while allowing it to escape bit by bit through its top.

The master chefs of STEAM have been utilizing this supercilious apparatus for years and do not bat an eyelid when it comes to churning out a wide range of delicacies via the tandoor. It would definitely be a shame not to partake of the dishes that emanate from the kitchens of STEAM courtesy the wonderful tandoor oven.

Do not miss ordering the following dishes when you decide to visit STEAM, the vegetarian restaurant that offers the genuine taste of India.

·         Paneer- Wonder at how the simple cottage cheese or paneer gets transformed into the most magnificent dish of Paneer Tikka when it emerges out of the tandoor . Try it as Kalimiri tikka and revel in the taste of roasted cashew paste that enriches it wonderfully. Do not forget to taste the creamy concoction of malai paneer or the achari paneer that makes you want to smack your lips in delight

·         Mushrooms- This nutritious ingredient is sure to blow you away when you taste it in its Tandoori avatar that can be ordered as Nawabi Kumbh

·         Seekh Kebabs – No, this is not about meat anymore. On the contrary, the STEAM has decided to weave the veggies in a skewer or seekh and serve it to you in the form of Veg Kurmura & Veg Tilmilli seekh.

·         Flat Breads – No worries! You will get your daily bread from within the depth of a tandoor at the STEAM too. Feel sure to ask for the Tandori Roti or go with the naan in any of its mouth watering forms. Try the stupendous kulcha while you are at it in a number of delicious variations. Do not fear to demand the Kashmiri Naan either and bite into the glorious dry fruits along with the soft bread that has been baked to perfection in the tandoor.

Go ahead and ask the friendly chef about the workings of the tandoor. You will find it difficult to give this array of tandoori delights a miss when you decide to try the best veggie dishes in Rotorua.