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Sumptuous Indian Breakfast for Satiating The Morning Craving

Sumptuous Indian Breakfast For Satiating The Morning Craving

Forgoing the first meal of the day is definitely not advisable. There is certainly a reason to label it as the most important meal of the day. Do sit down an have a hearty meal right in the morning though and head out for work. No worries if you are a tourist in NZ and have just landed in Rotorua. Do make it a point to visit the STEAM at the earliest in order to check out the delicious breakfast fare there. The restaurant may be located in the heart of New Zealand but the sentiment within its hallowed interiors is as Indian as can be.

Do not shudder at the thought of having a bowl of bland porridge therefore. Go out and order anything on the menu at STEAM. You are surely going to find dishes that are capable of satiating your body and pleasuring your mind. No! You do not have to fear being served non-vegetarian food either. Remember that the STEAM is a 100% vegetarian eatery that will not disappoint.

Here are a few of the most sumptuous dishes that will help you to begin your day with a smile firmly plastered on your face. Banish the Breakfast Cravings completely by trying something Indian in a new land. The magic of Indian food remains undiluted.

Poha- This a dish made of flattened rice and a few basic veggies that are commonplace in India. You will be pleased to find it in front of you within two minutes. The aroma of coriander wafting from the dish is sure to enhance your appetite further while the crisply fried noodles and refreshing slice of lemon served alongside will make you ready for the road.

Stuffed Parathas – Pick the paratha of your choice and tuck in accompaniment to curds and pickle. The nutritious wheat meal flat bread is sure to reduce your homesickness like never before. Do not hesitate to try the gobhi, onion and paneer parathas once you have feasted on the aloo paratha.

Biscuit Roti- Neither a biscuit nor a roti, this special dish incorporates the best of both worlds. It can be likened to a puffed up puri (deep fried flat bread) on the contrary. However, this one comes to you with a good amount of semolina stuffing enlivened with perky spices. You would be loathe to give it a miss that next time you drop into STEAM to satiate your breakfast cravings.

Vadas- It would be a shame not to try the assortment of vadas when you rely on STEAM to serve you the best Indian breakfast. In deed your morning meal would remain incomplete without the crisp and delightful donuts made from lentils and/or sago grains.

Beverages- Round off your breakfast with a cup of the  refreshing masala chai (tea) that is a specialty of India. Opt for the filter coffee South Indian style if you are not a tea person though. Do not fail to order the Kesar Milk flavored with saffron for your kids while you are at the STEAM.