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Surprise! Indian food in Rotorua that is totally home like

Surprise! Indian Food In Rotorua That Is Totally Home Like

You can definitely take an Indian out of India but never the country out of their hearts. No matter whether you travel for pleasure or remain engrossed in work at Rotorua, New Zealand, the flavors of India are sure to beckon you to the mystic land. Food happens to be the part that you miss most though and trying to cook yourself is indeed an ordeal especially when you are not adept at it.

No issues! You are sure to find multiple places that boast of excellent Indian food. Sadly, you are not too impressed with the unexciting cuisine offered by most of these big names. There is no need to be down in dumps though. Simply head out and turn into Hinemoa Street on your quest for sumptuous Indian food. Hey Presto! You will find yourself right in front of STEAM, the Indian restaurant that can prove your ideas of dull Indian food in the area completely wrong.

Yes! It happens to be one of the most talked about Indian eateries across Rotorua today! It will definitely take you by surprise albeit in a pleasant manner. Do not hesitate to walk inside and share a wonderful meal there. Also, remember to inform your mom of this splendid restaurant that could turn out to be a home away from home while you are in Rotorua.

This is why you will be forced to eat your words along with the delicious, steaming food that is served on a platter. Check!

Myth 1- Indian food lacks the zing in Rotorua

Fact: The food is neither awash with chilies, nor too bland for your taste. STEAM offers everything that you can expect in an Indian kitchen while in the country. Sure, it is vegetarian fare but it does taste the best. The paneer makhanwala is sure to beat the placid chicken butter masala hollow while the sumptuous dals have the power to perk you up. You will be amazed to find the restaurant menu chock-a-block with variety. It is sure to spoil you for choice.

Myth 2-  Fake ambience

Fact: Simply having a framed picture of the Taj Mahal will not turn a restaurant into India. Surely not! That’s why you will find it easy to become an Indian once more at the STEAM. You will feel at home once you take in the totally Desi ambience that comes with the wooden chairs and tables neatly lined up as in India and the food comes served on gleaming stainless steel utensils. You are welcome to chew on the ubiquitous fennel seeds and hard bits of root candy as you head home after a wholesome meal too. Burp! That is indeed an Indian feast that has no equal.

Myth 3- The ingredients are bland

Fact: Not all Indian ingredients can be found in Rotorua. True but STEAM has certainly found the right solution. It sources all its ingredients from select areas that results in tasty and spicy food, just the kind that fills you with joy. The natural goodness of each ingredient is preserved carefully while cooking though and you get to satiate both your stomach as well as you heart at one go.