Steam Restaurant
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The Best Way to Enjoy an Indian Buffet, Where the Taste Meets the Legend

Looking for Indian Buffet then you must visit STEAM - 100% Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant at Rotorua

Trying Indian cuisine for the first time is sure to be an awesome experience. However, you are sure to be spoilt for choices when you confront an Indian Buffet, where the taste meets the legend that notably speaks of a rich heritage and cuisine encompassing the great land. Your idea of Indian cuisine might have been somewhat limited to date. Do make sure to visit STEAM, the 100% vegetarian restaurant while you are in Rotorua though. You will actually be able to recall the experience for years afterwards and marvel how your taste buds rejoiced at confronting diverse yet delicious dishes that would have put the most famous chefs of the world to shame.

It would not do to go unprepared though. Mixing everything up without rhyme or reason will not give you the right satisfaction either. So go ahead and learn the basics of eating at an Indian Buffet first. Pick and choose carefully though. While you may not be averse to mixing and matching different types of food together, you are not likely to appreciate the cuisine in totality if you opt to eat Rajma Masala with a traditional South Indian Upma. Here is a basic guideline for eating at a buffet, the Indian way. Do check and dig in. Bon Appétit!

1.  Choose the plain steamed rice or a plain roti if you want to get the right taste of the numerous gravies and curries on offer. However you are entitled to opt for the rich vegetable biriyani or the North India delicacy of green peas pulao if you want to experience the rich and heavy cooking for a change

2.  Dal is one of the must-haves when you want a taste of India. The dish is chock-a-block with protein whether you want to go for the common yellow dal or want to savor the dry fry. You are welcome to ask for the dal panchratan that will give you 5 nutritious lentils cooked into one tasty dish

3.       Be sure to try the Bhindi Masala or Aloo Dum if you want a dry dish alongside. You might even want to eat mushrooms in the Indian style by picking up the kumbh matar makhna. The paneer (cottage cheese) is sure to regale you in many forms on the buffet table though. You will be in for a treat if you try the Rajasthani Kadhi that sits lightly on your stomach

4.       Remember to add the kuchumbar salad as well as the boondi raita to your plate too. Of course the ubiquitous poppadom is hard to bypass with an unforgettable crunch and spiciness that is hard beat

5.       Top it all by picking up a couple of your favorite mithais or sweets that is sure to provide a fitting end to your sumptuous meal at the STEAM. The gulab jamun and the gajar halva are definite to satiate your sweet tooth while the kesar phirni and moong dal halva will help you to understand how fulfilling the cuisine of India can be.