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Top 3 Reasons That Makes STEAM an Ideal Dining Destination in Rotorua

What Makes Indian Restaurants Ideal Dining Options

Indian food is spicy and greasy. This notion has been relegated well and truly now thanks to the primacy of Indian restaurants abounding in almost every country around the world.  You are in for a pleasant surprise when you set foot on STEAM located at Rotorua in New Zealand.  From the local populace to the visiting tourists and Indians aspiring to get a taste of home in a far off land the rush of people longing for a taste of the sumptuous cuisine that personifies India has to be seen to be believed. What makes it tick though? Is it just the reality of Indian food being healthy? It is time to step into STEAM yourself and uncover the astonishing truth about what makes it an ideal dining destination in the area.

Here are a few pointers to help you out. Do check and emit a satisfied BURP after tucking into a lip smacking array of Indian vegetarian food at STEAM.

  1. Food- Sure, it is mostly about food for who would want to spend their hard earned money on unappetizing dishes? STEAM does not disappoint in this particular area as you are sure to find it fulfilling whenever you choose to visit it. The breakfast will have you spoilt for choice between the conventional bread, butter & fruit platter and the steamy Indian breakfast of Indian breads, poha or puri subzi. Tuck in to your heart’s content and wash it down with a refreshing cup of masala tea or the traditional Indian coffee.  Lunch is not about the simple Thali either. There are options galore encompassing all corners of India while the dinner variety will have you gazing in wonder. You can also choose to bypass it all and go for the Chinese or Italian menu cooked in an Indian manner.

  2. Ambience- Good food apart, the customers hope to feel at home when they walk into a restaurant and the STEAM does not disappoint. Its interiors are clean with an Indian atmosphere recreated perfectly. No! There are no peacocks or tacky images of Taj Mahal mounted at corners of the restaurant thankfully. The wooden chairs and long tables do full justice to the image of India and the ones living away from their home land are comforted beyond measure. The lights are neither too bright nor too dim as opposed to many fine dining restaurants of today. This allows the crowd to see what they are getting clearly prompting them to take a bite immediately. A mark of quality surely!

  3. Serving – The entire staff is courteous and the guests at STEAM do not feel uncomfortable for a minute when in the eatery. The menu is handed promptly with the servers waiting at a discrete distance while the guests discuss and decide. There is no haste or unnecessary delay in service either. The best part of eating at this restaurant is the friendly atmosphere that makes it convenient for guests to ask about each dish and look towards the servers for timely advice about pairing their food. 

STEAM has been endorsed by the entire Indian community in Rotorua and deemed to be unique in the area. The prices are not too lofty despite being one of the top Indian eateries in and around the city. It is a combination of quality, comfort and convenience that has made STEAM stand apart from its competitors.