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Top 5 Attractions of STEAM Restaurant

Top 5 Attractions of STEAM Indian Restaurant, rotoruanz

Travelling broadens the mind, so say the pundits. Sure, you love to go beyond the old route and discover new delights that gladden the heart. Rotorua is indeed such a serene place but you as an Indian dearly miss your homeland not the least for its mouthwatering food and diversity. No worries though! You will be in the company of friends who care about your wellbeing and would be glad to provide you with a hospitality that has to be seen to be believed. Yes! It is the most popular STEAM restaurant located conveniently in Rotorua and home to the Indians with wanderlust in their minds yet missing their traditional food terribly.

However, it is much more than food that will leave  you spellbound once you set your foot inside STEAM that offers something for every ardent Indian. No, it is not overly hyped chicken butter masala either! The STEAM happens to be strictly vegetarian and your old mother would be proud to have you eating there.. It is time to look around STEAM and discover its truly amazing offerings. Check…     

1.     100% Vegetarian – No, your senses will not be subjected to the overpowering smell reeking of flesh when you are inside STEAM. The restaurant promises a totally vegetarian cuisine and there are no short cuts as you sample the delicious food. Whether it is Punjabi or Gujarati or even the Desi Chinese cuisine, there is little chance of being disappointed because you just won’t be able to stop smacking your lips on tasting the authentic food brought to you directly from the kitchens in India via STEAM. 

2.    Menu – How can be far from the menu card when you are dying to satiate your hunger pangs? Spoilt for choice, are you? No worries! You can safely have your pick as you decide between the Indian flat breads and rice dishes together with the hugely diverse curries and dals (lentils). Simply ask for a group breakfast or lunch and you will be in for a delight as virtually everything that can be brought together in a well planned meal arrives in front of you. It would definitely be a shame to waste even a second extra. Dig in and let out a satisfied BURP for that is the Indian in you expressing his satisfaction.

3.     Location – Finding STEAM is easy enough. You do not have to move around asking the passer byes either. Just turn into the most happening location of Rotorua, the Hinemoa Street that is chock-a-block with glam retail stores and cafes along with entertainment areas and you will find STEAM beckoning you like an old friend.

4.     Quality – Good food is all about the goodness of ingredients. No amount of preservatives or harmful additives such as MSG mars the dishes that you will get at STEAM either. It is the freshest and totally natural produces that get sourced by STEAM and converted into a sumptuous fare. No wonder the taste reminds you of home.

5.     Bar – You will be absolutely blown away to find a great bar at STEAM too. Do not hesitate to partake the amazing array of sparkling wines or beverages that are strictly Indian in taste and aroma. The House wines will not leave you untouched either as they happen to be the best that you can find in Rotorua.