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Traditional and Modern Indian Soups at STEAM

Indian Soups Galore At The STEAM

The idea of surviving on soups and salads do not excite the Indians. Yet it would be a shame to forget about the humble soup totally. No fear, the Indian cuisine is rife with multiple types of soups and you will actually be spoilt for choice regardless of being a vegetarian. No worries you can simply walk into STEAM once you are touring Rotorua, NZ and order the soup that seems to be too exciting for words.

Whether you want to keep your meal light during a hot summer day or want to warm up when the cold weather is upon you, the enormous variety of soups available at the STEAM is definite to end your worries by providing you with your heart’s desire.

No, you certainly do not have to fill your tummy with soup. Think Indian when you attempt to be one and sip on the soup at the start of a fulfilling meal. Whether the healthy and yummy soups will keep you satiated until lunch/dinner time is anyone’s guess though. Be sure to eat, drink and be merry on your soups that comes to you in all kinds of forms; clear, muddled and filled with delicacies.

Not convinced? Read on to find the huge variety below and order the one that has your heart aflutter and yourself salivating. Bon Appétit!

Lemon Coriander Soup- This refreshing concoction is ideal to beat the heat in summer. The sensational taste will make you long for more while fishing for the nutritious veggies in it is fun indeed. You can definitely be assured of keeping your weight down as you sip on the lemony broth. It contains less than 30 calories and that’s an added bonus.

Cream of Spinach – You will find it hard not to slurp while you spoon the spinach into your mouth. A delicious way of serving this nutritious veggie surely! You can find your fussy kid tuck into this wonderfully invigorating soup while your elderly father will have no complaints. It is definitely hard to give it a miss when at STEAM

Veg Sweet Corn Soup – Appetizing and totally irresistible! You are bound to be hooked by this modern twist on the traditional makai soup of India. It is a great starter that warms you and makes you eager to sample the main meal of the day.

Cream of Tomato Soup – A favorite worldwide, this modern soup goes well with a traditional Indian meal too. The healthy tomatoes will help you get your share of antioxidants while the cream atop will allow you to finish it off double quick such is its taste.

Veg. Manchow Soup – A Chinese soup that has been prepared in a distinctively Indian manner! Strange but true! This spicy soup has been popular in China with the peddlers selling it off street carts for hundreds of years. However, this one has been made to suit the Indian palate and is extremely popular at the STEAM.

Veg Hot N Sour Soup- A thick soup of Chinese origin that contains every edible ingredient imaginable. Not so when it is a classic Indian version of though. STEAM restaurant serves it with an array of veggies that is boiled in a pot together with spices, ginger and a bit of garlic. That taste is heavenly to say the least.