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Using a Restaurant in Rotorua for an Important Event Can Be A Wise Move

Planning An Event At STEAM, The 100% Vegetarian Restaurant? Here’s How To Make It A Success!

No event is considered to be complete without good food! Yes! The mind is eager and ready to concentrate when the stomach is satiated. This happens to be the universal truth. So do not hesitate to celebrate the next birthday in your family or your wedding anniversary in a slightly offbeat manner. An office event from a sales meeting to a breakfast motivation for the employees or a farewell to a long standing trusted individual who had given the company only deserves the best possible celebration at the end of a long and illustrious career.

What could be more fitting than holding the event at STEAM, one of Rotorua’s finest restaurants that serve Indian food in all its vegetarian glory. It is definitely offbeat and healthy! Well, you may worry about not knowing much about Indian food but leave the matter to the servers at the STEAM. The entire staff at this restaurant par excellence will be able to help you out by explaining the fine points of dal, chutney and raita.

Do not assume that everything that comes out of a tandoor is akin to the Biriyani (a rice dish) either. You will find it difficult to choose between the tikkas and tandoor dishes due to the sheer variety at STEAM. Feel free to quell all your doubts by asking the people in charge. You will be more than satisfied to organize an event that is all about cheering without toasting with the wonderful house wines at the restaurant.

Planning an event takes a lot of work. Do not be bogged down by anxiety, however. Here are a few tricks to imbibe in order to make it a rip roaring success. Do check…

  • Special Menu- You just do not want to serve ordinary, everyday fare to your guests. Be sure to work with the chefs at STEAM before hand to plan the best menu possible. Come up with menu that is tasteful and well thought out. Do not give in to the urge of including every single item of the restaurant into it though. It will only end up confusing your guests and wastage of food.
  • Drinks – Be sure to have a bar set up especially for the guests. Consult with the bartender and include the sparkling wines along with house reds and whites. Do not even look at the Indian beer though, tempting as it may be, for this is an event not a guys day out. You might also serve Moet Champagne included in the bar menu at STEAM to toast the guest of honor.
  • Decorations- Reserve a corner of the restaurant if you are inviting a limited number of guests instead of the entire restaurant. Set it apart from the rest by decorating with streamers and banner or balloons according to the demand of the occasion. You can also ask for colorful flowers and napkins with place holders to be assigned to each table thereby taking care of the seating arrangement. 

You may be the host but that will not deter you from enjoying the event when it is held at STEAM, Rotorua. Cheers!