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What can you look forward to when you are in Rotorua, New Zealand

Food & Facets of Rotorua To Look Forward To

The island of Rotorua is renowned for its exquisite locale and Maori culture. The tourists to this quaint little island are thrilled to discover the many attractions of the place. Taking the mountain trail with a bicycle happens to be an immensely popular activity as well as walking amongst the thick foliage with its numerous splendors. However, it is the geothermal activities that make Rotorua a must visit area with shooting geysers evident in Whakarewarewa, Te Puia & Wai-O-Tapu.

However, nothing will prepare you for the gastronomic experience that makes Rotorua stand apart. You may not want to miss the New Zealandean wonder of cooking in a Hangi and the local delicacies but it is STEAM with its extraordinary fare of superb Indian food that makes a big difference. No matter whether you are an Indian or a Westerner keen to visit New Zealand and thrill at its wonders, the food that satisfies the mind and the body alike belongs to another country situated thousands of miles away.

Yes! It is India at its best at the STEAM that has come to be counted as one of the most popular eateries. The magic of Indian cooking is heightened by the choice of the freshest, local ingredients and hand grinded spices that makes a curry taste the best. It is no watered down version found at a Western restaurant either. The hot chilies and healthy spices combine most fascinatingly at the STEAM and come to you on a plate with the right condiments that make a wholesome meal sans the frills and fancy garnishes.

You will actually find it hard to choose between the South Indian delicacies that are rumored to make the Southern Star Rajnikanth strong or the traditional fare from the heartland of Gujarat that has given birth to Gandhi and the present Prime Minister of India. No issues if your palate wants to taste a bit of Punjab though. A plate of Malai Paneer Tikka is definitely a wish fulfillment while the dry & spicy Dal Fry boosts the protein content of your body energizing you almost instantly.

Who can ever forget to order the crispy pakoras or the hot onion bhaji while tucking into Indian food? You might as well pack a couple of samosas along with the tangy tamarind chutney to munch into on your way back home. Missing the deep fried Poppadom or its roasted version would surely be a shame while you are intent on savoring your daily rice and dal, the meal fit for both Kings and paupers in India.

You do not really need to freshen up your palate when the food happens to be 100% vegetarian and Indian. However, you can give the kachumbar salad with its medley of finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and carrots a try if you just cannot do without the ubiquitous salad by the side of your plate. 

Do not bid Adieu to Rotorua and its many breathtaking locations without eating the Indian Meethai (sweets) though. From Gulab Jamuns to Carrot Halwa and Kesari Phirni, the items will showcase India to you in all its glory.