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Why is Indian Food so popular ?

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Why Is Indian Food So Popular?

Indian dishes have captured the attention of gastronomes the world over. However, it had not always been so. The Western world had found it to be too complex and spicy and shunned it from their plates. Fortunately, the tides have turned with the dishes being catapulted to the very top of the favorite food lists. No wonder, the samosa is selling like hot cakes in the USA and Britain is trying its hardest to claim the propriety of chicken butter masala.

That is certainly not all though! You may find yourself nodding in agreement when asked the question, do you like Indian food?’ You do not have to be Indian to say yes either. Simply stroll down Rotorua and enter the dining room at the STEAM. You will be flabbergasted to find the entire world community rubbing shoulders while feasting on the delicious Indian food that happens to be 100% vegetarian as well.

  • The Scientists have traced the issue of deliciousness and a love of curry to the offbeat tradition of overlapping the ingredients and using the dissimilar ones in an astonishingly wide number of ways. The end result is always the same i.e. flavorful and delicious while the health benefits are enormous too. This is dramatically opposite the Western culinary rules where similar ingredients are usually brought together to pair in a dish. 
  • The curry, usually a mainstay of Indian dishes can help to wipe out the bad memories and provide solace. No wonder it is highly popular today. Do not think twice of trying out the spectacular Kaju Curry or the Veg Kolhapuri while you are having lunch at STEAM therefore. You are likely to be wowed by the Malai kofta and Veg Jalfrezi as well and not for the same reasons though.
  • The taste of garam masala enhances the flavor like no other in world cuisine making Indian dishes fragrant and full of flavor. You need to be determined to try the Aloo Gobhi and the malai Kofta for obtaining the taste of garam masala on your tongue while the rich paneer based dishes will help you to understand the understated elegance of this trio of spices. Do not forget to sip on the Masala tea while you are eager to taste the best of India at STEAM. The aromatic spices come together with the refreshing beverage most enticingly thus making your morning appear brighter.