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Your Indian Food Guide For Steam Restaurants

Your Indian Food Guide For Steam Restaurants

Your Indian Food Guide For Steam Restaurants

New Zealand may be small in size when compared to India but its wondrous scenery is sure to leave you amazed. You are definite to enjoy your time at Rotorua as well whether you are a tourist or a resident of the place. No worries about having to go without nourishment or being forced to add meat to your menu though. The Steam restaurant is there to help you out even when you happen to be a strict vegetarian who shies away from animal products.

Not that you have to be satisfied by ordering rice and an insipid curry either. You will be surprised to find every dish from the length and breadth of India on its menu. Yes! You have to pick and choose though.  From the plains of Punjab to the sea shore of Kolhapore and the Pink City Jaipur, there is a bit from every region that can prove to be a heavenly sampling adventure.

So, worry not when you are about to delve into an ocean of delicacies from the ancient land that had enthralled the world for ages. Whether you are a first timer trying Indian food or a seasoned vegetarian from the India itself, these dishes are definitely worth a try. Go for it and indulge your palate like never before.

·         Samosas- The ubiquitous triangular pastry available all over India has transcended its borders long ago to become a beloved snack of every foodie worth his salt. The delicious samosa comes chock-a-block with tasty mashed potatoes and peas delectably spiced that can be dipped into the accompanying mint chutney to be truly heavenly.

·         Indian Breads – You surely do not live on bread alone but you will indeed find it hard to resist the superlicious bread basket of the East at STEAM. From the simple Roti or flat bread to the sumptuous lachcha parathas and the wonderful naan that comes to you across the mountains of India bringing with it a whiff of tradition that is hard to beat.

·         Tandooris – Not everyone is eager to bite into a juicy chicken leg though. Feel free to get a taste of tandoori preparations that transcend the humble paneer and mushrooms to a sublime level at the STEAM restaurant. Taste the best of Mughlai cuisine sans the meat and come back for more soon.

·         Dal – No Indian meal is complete without dal, the must have protein of the land You must not leave without sampling the lip smacking Dal Fry or Rajma Masala that is capable of beating the thin lentil soup hollow in richness and taste.

·         Meetha – You just cannot end your meal without a bit of Meeta, yes that’s the term for everything sweet in the Indian lexicon. Try the syrupy roundels of gulab jamun or opt for the kheer that is definitely a notch above the simple rice pudding found in the West. This one imbibes the Indian culture from east to west & north to south guaranteeing you a fitting finish to a spectacular meal at Steam, the best vegetarian restaurant at Rotorua.